At least once a day, I think that others may be following me and want to harm me. It usually happens when people stare at me or get physically too close to me. It can happen anywhere, whether I am walking or driving in my car. The thought pops automatically in my head. Because of this thought and believe I get scared walking alone at night and have felt afraid to stay at home on my own too.
I also tend to get very irritable when drivers get to close to my car while I’m on the road, as I think they want to make me go faster and control me in that way. I’ve never really coped well with being told what to do. Perhaps that’s my paranoid thought that makes me believe that others want to control me,this thought makes me get annoyed and really stressed about it.
Used to have eerie feelings when going to the bathroom at night, felt as if there were ghosts or spirits that were around me, awful feeling. This has subsided. I also recall my dreams and when I am under stress, anxiety or worrying I get nightmares very often.
I feel that my paranoid thoughts have created more stress and anxiety.