Well since I was a child, my siblings and I would try to scare each other by saying there was something in the room, a monster etc… We would be in our beds, lights out & about to go to sleep and taunting each other as “jokes”. I think I really started to believe it. I would be scared that something would climb out of this really big, old wardrobe my dad had. So I would check it to make sure nothing was there but had the scariest feeling something was present and watching me. I tried to be more religious by the age of 14 and one evening had the scariest experience. I had just finished reading the bible and said my prayers. I climbed into bed, with my back turned to the door, which was slightly open to receive some light and I saw a shadow appear on the wall and then I believe something proceeded to strangle me. I did not see anything, as my back was turned but i felt the presence of hand around me neck. My body was frozen with fear I could not scream…it was horrible. It lasted about 7-8secs and When I called for Jesus it stopped. I turned around and nothing was there….since then I have been soo terrified of sleeping on my own & in the dark. But things got really bad when I stated smoking weed. I was 16/17 and would smoke everyday with my friends. I realise now it doesn’t suit me (even though I still smoke on occasion) as I have fallen unconscious after smoking etc… But one time I smoked like ALOT and came home to my empty, dark room. I started to trip out. I believed there were things in my room watching me,which wasn’t the case but i was soo afraid. I feel asleep and woke up to the most terrifying thing ever. At around 3am I had a complete hallucination! I believed the left side of my face was melting & my left hand was completely deformed. It was soo REAL it scared the shit out of me. It lasted for about 6-7 secs and then everything switched back to reality. Since that day me life has never been the same. I am now 22 years old. I DO NOT sleep at night & will not be in the dark on my own. Particularly at night, Im always waiting for something to pop out at me. I see things at the corner of my eye and think some demon or monster is there. I use to have really bad nightmares aswell (16/17yrs old). I think things are lurking in the shadows and that I’m not safe. In my normal day to day life it’s not as bad. I think people do not really like me (think this is a fact more than paranoia loool) But I’m just in a constant state of paranoia, especially at night. It’s horrible. I feel like I need a relationship as well, just so that i can sleep at night….and actually feel safe. 🙁 Really sad when I think about it….22 and afraid of the dark among other things.