I am sorry that you all have these experiences, but I’m so relieved to find that there are others like me. I take medication for anxiety and feel tense, anxious and paranoid ALL the time. I’ve been paranoid since I was little – I used to imagine that people were going to do something bad to our house or my sisters or mum, I was scared outside that someone would get me, I’ve always been scared of other people in class. Thirty years later, I’m sorry to say, this is just getting worse for me. I was just given a lateral transfer at work, and believe this is because everyone in my department hated me so my bosses thought it best to move me. Because of this, I think that in the new department I have to make a success but I’m so afraid that already people hate me and my new bosses think they’ve made a mistake by taking me on. I feel increasingly isolated from my family and think that they all just think I’m troublesome and not worth the bother. Because of this in the last few weeks I’ve even stopped calling them and getting in touch. I feel tense and anxious all the time, and at night just think of all the things that worry me through the day, it’s so upsetting that I’ve had suicidal thoughts at times. I just feel that everyone is exasperated and angry that I’m stupid (I’m a graduate and speak 4 languages!). I just don’t know what to do to help myself and I even feel too paranoid to go to the doctor as they will just think I am lying about being ill to get attention or something!!!!!!!! This website is a gift, at least I don’t feel I’m completely alone in this. Thanks for sharing your experiences x