i am terrified to drive a car, ill ride in one but i am stiff and anxious, because i think we are going to wreck. Im scared to drive because i think people are going to judge me how im driving and that ill make a mistake. That is my worst fear, i took drivers ed and passed, but i can not get in the car by myself and drive any where thats longer than a mile, i dont know why? i want it to change i need to drive. if i had a driving teacher drive with me a little everyday for like a month i think ill be used to it. idk.

i am also paranoid that when i walk into a store resturant or mall or any place somones house that everyone is looking at me and talkin crap about me, and no one likes me at all! And people smiling at me and talking to me are faking it. Im terrified to be myself around anyone.

also i stay in my house alot, i dont go anywhere, only feel comfortable around my family. if my neighbors are outside i wont go out because i think they want to talk to me.

Also, if em and my husband go out to a club i think every girl in there is prettier than me and is trying to get at my hubby behind my back, i think every chick we talk to likes him and is trying to make him cheat on me secretly, and every chance he has away from me i think is he with some one else or trying to find someone else.

i feel like no one likes me, not even my children or hubby, like hes always lieing to me and is just with me because our kids, he says he loves me and reasures it, i wish i could stop thinking negatively.

the doc said im deppressed… i am a lil i had a rough childhood but i think deep down there are other things that are wrong to! like i might have mood swings or changes, i try to act like i know whats going on all the time like if i walk in a room that my hubby and friends are in i feel like they where talkin crap about me and planning to do stuff without me and they are saying dont tell her and dont let her find out! like thats constant in my head, that close friends are hiding things from me and dont want me to know whats going on and they just want to do things behind my back because everyone tries to hurt everyone, like i feel like everyone i meet is going to hurt me in some way like try to be my friend and hangout with me to try and sleep with my man. or find out info about me to go make fun of me and laugh at me behind my back. why am i like this?????