I have never really known what you would call what I suffer from. Maybe its paranoia, maybe something else. I am suspicious of people talking about me or staring at me. My paranoia comes from so may more terrifying things. I am afraid of almost anything and it seems that the list gets longer everyday. I am scared of the dark, I am scared of closets being open, afraid of something sneaking into my house. Afraid of cars, airplanes. And not only am I afraid but I imagine the worse things happening. My furnace exploding, getting into a bad accident, the FBI breaking down my doors and busting us for having an illegal copy of a DVD. I have anxiety about everything that I do. Crossing the street, going to the store, packing. I think everything over and over and eventually begin to think horrible things about any situation. I wish there was some way to enjoy life and not be paranoid about everything in life.