Well I’m quite young, and experience weird thoughts that i know are unreasonable and extreme (I KNOW!) but i just cant shake them. They vary, and sometimes i am not completely aware of them (like they’re subconscious)but some examples i am aware of include being absolutely terrified of walking off a bus in case i trip or do something embarrassing, or talking to a shop assistant, or walking around a mall on my own, or being alone around a group of people (because they are talking about me)it has become so bad- i withdraw myself from social situations and i also think i have social phobia.. im just all over the place (mentally). i also think people are watching me all the time, judging me, even whilst i am inside my house, when i am alone it is even worse. sometimes they tell me things like walk straight, and smile or fix ur hair (mostly about my appearances)also it is like i can *hear* peoples thoughts, like “move out of the way, you are blocking my view of the pretty girl” and i move.