all my life ive had peole laughing at me and i never understood why, now im in college everytime i hear someone laughing i automaticly think they’re laughing at me it really gets me down and depressed i dunno if they are actually laughing at me or if im parranoid, i never used to believe in ghosts until i moved to a house a few years ago, i would hear things, or see faces in the dark, when i would be sleeping i sometimes id hear a voice or cold air blowing on my neck, when im in the shower, getting dressed, masterbating, or sleeping it always feels like someone is there, i dunno why but i never feel alone its creepy. we moved to another place a year ago and the same thing is happening the only diffrence is that its more scary, i hate the dark becouse i feel like im not 100% alone its driving me nuts, im 18 and sometimes i sleep in my mums room because im scared what 18 yr old sleeps in there mums room? everywhere i go i feel like someone is waiting for me, every where i turn i see people laughing at me, every second im alone i feel like someone from my past is gonna rape or kill me i cant talk to anyone because everyone things im trying to grab attention sometimes it feels like this is a sign that my time is comming and coming fast i dunno if its because of the horror movies ive bn watching, or my terrible past catching up to me, or the fact that im lonely but no matter what it wont go away. i dunno who to talk to if i talk to a coulceller i’ll proberly get sectioned.