Everytime I go outside and walk down the street I am constantly paranoid that people are staring at me and judging me for the way I walk and the way I look. Also when I sit at home at night, all it takes is the slightest noise of a branch hitting the window to set me off into thinking someones gonna break in and kill me so I go into automatic alert mode and usually end up not getting any sleep at all. Sometimes when I work a night shift and get off when its dark out, ill be walking home and be constantly paranoid that someones stalking me or has plans to rape and kill me. What is wrong with me. Sorry if I have some bad grammar I just wanted to get this out there. I often feel like Im the only whos like this. The only disabilities that I have been diagnosed with are reactive attachment disorder, ADHD, & fetal alcohol syndrom. I dont know if its any of them that are a factor in my constant paranoia.