I have always been afraid of the dark. As i got older it has progressed. It isn’t as much the dark that I’m afraid of now, it’s the feeling of what may be in the room that i cannot see. I always feel like someone is there, and is going to either kidnap, rape, or kill me. Many times when I am home alone I feel that someone is going to break in and kill me. I always feel that someone is there. I have to look through my entire house in every room and closets to reassure myself that i am truly alone. It happens when I am babysitting for other families as well. When I put the kids down for bed, I feel that there is someone watching me through the windows and is going to break in and take the kids and/or kill me. At home I check under my bed and close my closet and bedroom door. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a lock. When I go into the bathroom I check behind the shower curtain, I don’t really think there is someone behind it, I just check as a nervous habit. I check behind doors as well. When I fall asleep I make sure that my feet are covered, otherwise I feel that someone is going to pull me out of bed, or cut them off. I also sleep with the phone next to me so I have it in case of emergency. When I’m in public alone, I often times feel that people are watching and plotting to attack/rape me. Ever since I knew about such things, I always feel like someone is going to take me away and rape me. This gives me many nightmares and bad visions. Also, when I hear certain little noises it really worries me. It’s usually nothing, but it gets my mind thinking about every worst possible cause.