In general Imp paranoid about almost everything. Every nice compliment or comment I get given I take it as sarcasm, or I think the person will go away and laugh at me behind my back. Imp scared to leave closet doors open, any doors, Cupboards, Curtains, Anything Like that I simply will not leave open. Imp always paranoid that imp being watched, or that people are plotting against me, Every time I walk over to my friends, if the air goes silent or cold, imp always paranoid they hate me. Or sometimes if I walk over to people and they snigger or jerk a bit, I get worried there plotting against me. I get worried about going the shop, Being followed, Crossing the road all stupid things. When I walk past people, I always get the feeling there watching my back. or they will throw something at me. Imp stupid because I provoke things by trying to be me too much. The fact I have more hair than other boys puts me down too. I like it, but I fear it makes me hated by others just for being myself. I always feel guilty about everything minor I do, and it will play on my mind forever. I always think everything I do sucks, and I’m no good for nothing, and i’m always paranoid that nobody likes me. Not even my family. I seriously need help coz people are starting to notice. There’s so much more, But I just don’t wanna rant too much.