I am always getting these feelings of paranoia, there awful, when im walking on my own down town, i feel like people are staring, i feel i look a state, and that people are laughing, and judging me, ive tried to tell people about these feelings but they don’t understand they just say that im being stupid, but there not the ones who feel these feelings. when i experience these feelings, i become very dizzy, i try to act as normal as possible but this makes me feel even worse, im constantly looking at the ground, i find it hard to make eye contact. i was so pleased to know that im not the only one, ive been having these feelings for about a year now, i am fine when im with someone, it seems to be worse when im on my own, i hate it, i cant do anything by myself outside of the house, a simple trip to town becomes something of a nightmare for me, when i walk to work in the morning its just awful, its definitely worse when im tired. i remember a couple of years ago, when i was completely fine but it has taken over everything.