I find that I start feeling stressed out or anxious when I lose a job for example, or the night before i only had 5 and a half hours sleep, my paranoid thoughts are at their highest then. I find deep breaths in and out and relax this does help, but does not help the feelings of total fear disappear, the fear seems to overpower me (totally) which is quite a strange feeling when you have travelled the world with absolutely no fear and then out of the blue it hit you BAM, I do think it is caused by too many things in one’s life happening at the same time and then our coping mechanisms’ seem to either cope or not and when we cannot cope we get anxious and then stressed out and this can then lead to nervous breakdowns, however, the good news is that if we catch it before it gets to that stage we can stop it going any further…it’s all to do with our coping mechanisms and how we cope with life and the things going on in our life, but having said all this, i still have overwhelming feelings of total and utter fear which can hit me at any time, place or country. I also think it is a build up over the years and then one day it catches up on you, for example one might have been mugged say ten years ago (talking about myself) and then one day BAM it hits you (no pun intended).