I have extreme paranoia that someone wants to kill me and get rid of me. I have nightmares about it as well. I often want to leave evidence so they won’t get away with it or so everyone will know I was killed and didn’t leave or kill myself. I think people watch my internet activity and track my phone. I believe there are recording devices in my home and sometimes get angry at that and say offensive things for them to hear. I think someone waits outside my house and watches me. I believe these thoughts are very real and that I’m having a psychic intuition. I frequently have paranoia thoughts that my spouse is cheating on me. I think I know who the people are. I see there faces associated with the thoughts. I get heart sinking feelings and hear explicit detailed dirty talk in my head that she is sexting to another person. I think she has another phone that she hides from me. I recently started thinking that she is cheating on me inside the house while I’m occupied taking care of our kids. I sometimes run downstairs to catch her doing it. My ears ring throughout the day accompanied with thoughts of deception in which I can see the persons face who is thinking or talking about me. I thought both of my kids weren’t mine at first and did a paternity test on my second child just to find out he was mine. I sometimes see other peoples faces in my kids that were my friends in the past and at first thought she cheated with that person. I still see hints of those people in my kids faces even though I know they are mine. I often think that when someone says something normal there is more to it and they were trying to offend me. I think the things people say are signs or warnings to me. I think people can easily guess my passwords and change them a lot.