There is something really bothering me. I feel, literally absolutely everyone is watching me, I feel they’re all part of something and their main objective is me. I don’t know why but everywhere I go there are people staring at me, most of the time they watch me when I’m not looking at them, but as soon as I turn around and face them, they lower their heads and walk away. I even believe my family is involved, my parents put things in my food, my little brother acts like he doesn’t know anything. I can’t trust anyone, family, friends, teachers, doctors. I believe that they are only waiting for orders or a deadline or something like that, but I’m afraid that if I tell anyone they will do it at that moment. I haven’t told anyone about this. I sometimes think, what if this is not real and my life is going on as normal, and if I say something people will treat me like I’m crazy. but how can I know? I’m can’t be sure if my mind is playing with me or its telling the truth. There was a moment that I said, “oh just live with it, as if you don’t know anything, everything is going so perfect so why ruin it?” Until now, that the only thing that I’m at risk of losing the only thing that actually made me really happy, this have come into my mind once more and I seriously don’t know what to do.