My paranoid thoughts don’t cause a huge impact on my life, but here they are.

I think that people pretend to like me; they always seem to have something they want from me after all. I also think that when I talk to people, if one insignificant similarity arises, I assume they’re both the same person, pretending to be different people to make a fool of me, even if they’re obviously completely different people. I sometimes am paranoid I’m schizophrenic and the people I know aren’t real.

If someone invites me out or asks me out I assume its a joke, even when we’re together and they’re enjoying my company. I sometimes think my thoughts are very easy to tell and that I can’t understand any one else’s thoughts.

I worry about getting stalked a lot; it doesn’t help that I have been.

I often think that my GPs prescribe me poison or placebos, because they think I’m making things up about my health or that they want me to kill myself.