About four year ago I started getting panic attacks out of the blue, for no reason, it happened mostly while i was asleep. I’ve always been scared of the dark, since i was a little child. I am now 28 and things are only getting worse. Ive had experiences with ghosts and even seeing the spirits of animals.. I would hear ghosts in my flat, they even used to touch me and sleep next to me, as I could hear them breath. Now for about the last 3 years i can hear a ghost’s heartbeat, it sometimes goes away. The last year and a half ive developed extreme paranoia. Im scared someone would brake into my house and kill me.. I constantly check if the doors and windows are locked. Even though ive locked it a minute ago, i check if someone has fiddled with it. I always have thoughts of someone cutting of my burglar bars or climbing through my roof. When i have an argument with someone, days later it strikes me that they are planning on hireing someone to kill me. My worst fear is when im driving. I always get the feeling that someone is following me. When I see a car behind me, i get an overwhelming fear, my legs go lame and i start shaking. I always travel long distance, because of the kind of work i do. It feels like they are following me, with the tendency to push me off the road and shoot me. The other day i was driving and a car was standing along side the road, as i passed them, they jumped in their car and started chasing me. And the worst part was that it was the police. I still think they tried to kill me. My fears are getting more and more, Im constantly thinking about death. Im scared of dying or loosing one of my lovedones. I dont know what to do. Ive visited a doctor and ive been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. Im suppossed to go on medication, wich i have to go and fetch in another town. But im too scared to drive. Im at this stage where i dont want to drive anymore. Because it feels like im always getting followed.