I always fear that someone is watching me even when I’m completely alone in my room. Maybe either because someone has put a camera in my vents, or my neighbor across the street has a camera facing at my window, or someone secretly put a camera in my room. I can’t do anything, I want to dance but I’m so reserved.

Another paranoid fear i have is that people can read my thoughts. It can be someone I am interested in and they can hear my thoughts, and my thoughts are a bit weird. I feel like i am in a game or the “dummy” and people all over are watching my life for entertainment. As in this website could all be planned. I literally think I think out loud. Basically as if my thoughts are in visible thought bubbles, very clear to others.

I also have OCD. It’s not “clinically approved”. But, it’s not necessary. It is obvious that i have the symptoms more stronger than others.

The main things that bug me is when I get scared something might or could happen to other I care for, or I am being watched. Which is really creepy to even say. I always look up my air vents like something is there as like in the movie “The Vacancy.” I think that is where it mainly started.

I am always checking behind my shower curtains, and in the toilet. It’s very annoying, and i am hoping that i overcome this very soon. The only thing i can do is pray and just remain hopeful.

Good luck to all of you struggling with similar paranoia. 🙂 🙂