Recently my parents left me alone in the house for 3 weeks while they went on vacation. I’m 18 years old. Currently I’m still on my first week and I’ve had multiple panic attacks. I own two cats, and it’s been raining a lot lately so I let them stay in the garage, except they need to relieve themselves constantly so I leave it open just enough for them to crawl out. I’ve had multiple thoughts that at nighttime someone might try to crawl in and rob the house or murder me.I live in a really good neighbourhood so it’s a paranoid thought.

I accidentally left the windows open a little bit on the top floor, meaning a draft could blow in and move the doors, and make it seem as if someone were slowly opening them.That was the root of a few panic attacks I had, infact, I almost called the police two of the times.I always keep a phone with me at all times incase I need to dial 911 quickly.

It’s even more freaky because lately there’s been a lot of short power outages, meaning that some nights I’m completely in the dark. I feel as if wherever I turn, someone is waiting to pull me in and stab me, so wherever I go in the house, I also carry a pair of scissors, or a butcher knife for self defense. I’ve even positioned all the furniture so I’m always facing the door, just incase something does crawl in or sneak it, and I’m prepared to attack at all times.