I was diagnosed with a mental illness 5 years ago. I’m on tablets to suppress paranoia and voices. These work, excepts that sometimes I still experience paranoia. Its the worst feeling I’ve ever felt, and it comes on during the middle of the day and lasts till I go to sleep at night. I become paranoid about everything – that my keys are going to drop out of my bag, that my trousers are going to fall down, that the authorities will want to test me to see if i am really ill. I fear exposing myself in front of others, or saying something rude. I get mental pictures of me doing nasty things or them doing nasty things to me and yet something else is happening in reality. Like one of the other posts on this website, I think that I have a really miserable facial expression. I feel so depressed. I can see images of me hanging from the ceiling when I feel paranoid. I think that the devil is influencing me when i have these paranoid spells. I would do anything to stop these feelings as all I want to do is run from everyone when I have them.