every night i am always having to check the doors and windows ect beause im scared that someone is going to break in and hurt my family my 6month baby especially i get horrible images in my head and bad dreams. i get so scared i have to set an alarm every night to check on my baby. when im desperate for the toilet i wont go im to scared to go downstairs unless my partner comes down with me. i also get paranoid about my partner cheating on me and always ask stupid querstions to him and i can see it frustrates him but i cant help it. i feel low and then start to get horrible thoughts in my head that he might be unfaithfull. this has all started since being pregnant and worsend after having my child. it has progressed due to things happened to my family,my partner going out and not coming home and people telling me my partner has been unfaithfull!! i can always tell when my partner is lying and he dosent seem o be lying when i ask him questions i just cant get it out of my head and it is really getting me down. and i just dont no what is wrong with me….