I have always had trouble sleeping alone and have always hated being in the house by myself when my husband and I worked opposite shifts. I’ve always been paranoid that either someone is going to break in and harm me or kill me, or some freak electrical accident is going to occur because there’s electrical issues going on with the hall light. I’m also afraid bugs will crawl all over me, or my cat will jump up on the bed and claw me 2 death. I’m afraid that extraterrestrial beings or supernatural beings will harm me (thanks to the shows and movies my husband watches) and I’m afraid of dying in my sleep either by some strange medical condition i never knew i had or by the devil possessing me, or by someone killing me in my sleep, or the illuminatti. Things i watch make me afraid of most of the ridiculous things i named, but these are real genuine fears. Now that my husband is on deployment, i’m more terrified now than ever before.