I’m 20,but ever since I was really young I would always make sure that I’m fully covered in bed, my hands under my pillow and I was curled up in a ball. Now I’m older, but this won’t go away. I don’t curl up,but I’m always afraid of my hands being chopped off,or someone pulling me out of bed. When I walk around, I always have to hide my thumbs in my hand, in fear of someone chopping them off.

I can’t sleep without it being dark,but when I get up to turn the light off,I run to bed,and don’t dare move until its safe.I constantly think that if there’s a bump in the night that someone’s in the house,about to pounce on me and if I don’t stay completely still and hold my breath they will find me. I also hate watching horror movies! I once watched a kid movie,it was about witches,and that is what I believe caused my paranoia.I was scared of all that after I watched the movie.

Another thing,I can’t go out alone,with out someone my age I refuse to go! My mum used get angry cause I wouldnt go to the shop for her,and when she sent my younger sister to go I was scared that someone would kidnap her. Luckily they didn’t. Also,unlike most peoples experiences,I can’t check under the bed or in the wardrobe,cause if the attackers are in there,they will kill me. Also,recently I was walking downstairs at night,and I didn’t turn the light on. I could of sworn I saw a figure,and I was scared.I ran downstairs,and when I had to go back up,I brang one of my friends with me just invade.