I use recreational drugs and drink a lot which is probably what is causing it.
Everytime I walk out of a room I think my friends are talking about me… sometimes I convince myself I can hear them saying things.
I’m seeing a guy, and am constantly paranoid that he’s with someone else.
I can’t stay home alone because I get scared, I’m scared of the dark, of someone breaking in. And when someone is being nice to me I always think there’s a hidden meaning behind it. Always trying to read between the lines when there’s only one line.
When these thoughts come to me, I can hardly breathe, I get a bad headache, I can’t concentrate, I can’t think of anything else. Until i see the person or some thing reassures me I’l stay paranoid about. Even after i get reassured, my paranoia comes back within a day at the most.
It’s horrible, I can see it becoming a problem and ruining relationships it has already ruined a few.
I’m only 18… but this is driving me insane. i feel like crying half the time then laughing at myself when it passes. I know the thought are irrational but I can’t help them at all