I feel that everyone is talking about me behind my back, noone really likes me but are pretending to. I feel that everyone is looking at me and thinking bad thoughts, and that people hate me in general. I fear that people that say they care for me are saying it as a joke for others that I am not in on. I think everyone is lying to me and they don’t ever tell me how they really feel about me. I used to as a child fear that there was going to be a fire in our house every night. I’d worry about going near rivers incase someone fell in and drowned. I’d worry about going too fast in cars incase we crashed. I’d sometimes feel in public places that I was (if sitting) sitting on layers of dirt and germs and it makes me feel sick. I fear someone is hiding in the dark when I can’t see. I feel I am never invited to social events with my friends because they really hate me and have to put up with me because they are too nice/afraid to hurt my feelings. Social situations generally terrify me :/