I can relate to those who’ve posted here saying they seem most paranoid when in a bad or low mood. I was fired from my last job for seemingly no reason and now I am incredibly paranoid about getting fired again. I don’t relish my job, but the pay is good and the people are decent to work with so I don’t want to be fired. This is a low stress job, but I feel like if I don’t pretend it’s my life’s dream being fulfilled, I’ll get fired. Don’t people know that not every job can be exciting’ Can’t people/bosses realize that while, yes, there may be pleasant or interesting aspects to a job, I’m mainly here to do my time and get a pay check so I can live’ Not everyone figures out or lands their Dream Job. That’s why we’re able to get people to scrub toilets and clean hotel rooms; people need to work. They didn’t dream of doing that work. They just do it. Frankly I wish I could never work again. I just don’t understand life. And I think most people who meet me do not like me. I am paranoid that strangers are talking bad about me. Every time my co-workers have a chat without me, I think it’s ABOUT me. Whenever my boss makes less eye contact with me during a meeting than anyone else, I think she hates me. Maybe she does. Who knows. I just don’t know how people do it. How do you find a job you’re good at AND enjoy’ How do you know when someone really likes you’ How do you find love’ I don’t trust anyone.