I have always had this fear of the dark every night when i goto sleep i will constantly think there something in my room under my bed in my wardrobe or even climb through window why im sleeping i will hide my head under the covers and watch the wardrobe door and watch my bedroom door and listen very carfully i even breath slowly and more quietly i have always done this and its become a nuisance in my life i dont get to sleep until early mornings sometimes wont even get to sleep at all and even when i go out at night i will look behind every bush look behind me will keep looking around and sometimes get’s so bad that i panic and run even though no1 there but feeling inside me tells me someone is there. on a different matter i also from time to time will get these feelings that im going to die and makes me scared its a real feeling and i start to worry and go off somewhere alone and cry or even sleep to get thoughts out of my head.