Since moving I seem to have contracted paranoia. I’ve never ever in my entire life felt this bad. I had issues at home..but never ever felt as if someone deliberately wanted to make my life a hell so theirs would go fine. I moved to be with my friend who said she could help me and give me the emotional support I needed. She did and now doesn’t. I’ve been trying to cope with it but for some reason have gotten more and more depressed. I now take meds for this. Every time anyone calls my friend or talks to her kids upstairs I think that I’m being talked about.. everytime..and when I ask she says that I’m off topic and I’m not talked about at all. I just can’t believe it. My friend talks about loyalty and I just think that she’s betraying me all the time. I’m 20 years old and because of her I lost my job my car my friends my life.. because I supported her through everything and now.. urg I feel like she don’t care about me anymore and all I can do is think about committing suicide …sigh.. wish I knew what to do