I believe that someone is trying to kill me. Since I was a child (about 7 or 8) I have had feelings that someone is out to get me.

At first I just thought someone was hiding in my closet or under the bed. I would imagine they would just be under there and when I would look, they would stare straight back at me. Of course no one was under my bed but that didn’t stop me from checking anyways.

The more I thought about it, the more elaborate the scenarios got. I would think someone would be standing behind open doors with a knife. Soon I thought someone was standing behind the shower curtain. Every time I would go into the bathroom, I would check behind the door and the shower curtain, which sadly I still do today. I also thought someone was standing behind me when I looked in the mirror, so I would constantly turn around, which I still do today as well.

Recently, I have been getting the feeling that someone is following me when I’m out in public. I feel that when I’m get in the car someone is going to be in the backseat, so I check it before I get in. I also feel that if I’m standing near something with a small space on the bottom that someone is going to cut off my feet (e.g. an office desk or a bed).

I also get the feeling that someone is in my kitchen or standing in my doorway. I am constantly turning around to check to see if someone is standing there with a knife. If I don’t, I imagine that someone is going stab my mother while she is sleeping and then come into my room and stab me in the back repeatedly until I am dead.

It’s getting progressively worse and I am really sick of being so paranoid. I haven’t told anyone which is probably a good thing or else they might think I’m a loon.