I have felt like someone is watching me ever since I was about six years old maybe. I have constant nightmares where I’m wlaking down a hall that just never ends but everytime I ffeel like I’m getting close to the end and I see a door and I run towards it, it dissapears, then I wake up (in the dream I wake up) and the ceiling falls on me, then I wake up for real. I am always so stressed I have constant headaches and stomach aches, my muscles always feel kind of tired and weak. I always have this weird feeling like somebodys in the house and everytime I see an open window before I go to bed and its dark out, I freak out close it and even though the screen would have to be broken I still get really scared and turn around every two seconds I become super paranoid, my heart starts beating really fast I get a headache, everything feels like a horror movie. then for some reason everytime that happens then the only way I can sleep sometimes is if I watch a funny movie with all the lights on get surrounded by my old baby blankets and stuffed animals, put on a hoodie, and put a warm wash cloth on my forehead and put earplugs in and think about happy things.