Since a couple of months ago i have been suffering with anxiety related paranoia. I think?
I feel that someone wants to kill me or torture me. Every person that looks at me in their car and looks at me, I am convinced there is some major plot to get me.
Every time I see someone acting suspicious, parking outside my house or people just looking at me in the street send me into a crazy panic mood.
I keep asking myself, am I paranoid or is someone trying to kill me????
I have a really happy life and a family and I feel like I cant enjoy what I have because of this paranoia.
I have to rustle the cover over my ear in bed each night so I dont hear any noises that would sound suspicious to me. How pathetic.
I just dont want to feel like this any more. Im scared and really sad.
I feel so alone and wish I had someone to support me through all of this.