It was quite scary because my mother had passed away when I was seven, and my father was physically abusive. When I had gotten older, similar like the Truman show, I thought these guys that I liked were following me around and that everyone could hear my thoughts, because these guys would say out loud the things I was thinking. I started to think everyone knew what I was thinking and were weirded out by me. I felt like the Truman show and started to feel paranoid about going outside or even being at home because I could not control my thoughts and believed everyone around me, knew what I was thinking. These guys were following me around, and I didn’t know why. I wished they would leave me alone, and as I continued with my medication, the feeling of being followed, watched, or as if ppl can read my mind has decreased and diminished. Now I am healthier, but sometimes, I get a moment of doubt and question whether it was real. Things in my life happen, and usually I try to convince myself that I am just imagining my old suspicions, However, because of my past experiences of feeling like I was being followed, watched, and known by everyone, sometimes, I get scared when I think that it was or is really true. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s my illness, because I am diagnosed with bipolar.