Hi mi name is Enrique and this is very helpful to me cause I really couldn’t ever tell people which things I was afraid of. Well many things such as people laughing at raves or partys used to scare me so much, also hear messages from the TV or the radio especific to me. Neighbors spying and hearing me.

Psicodelich drugs + sensitive schizophrenic profile = very very bad idea

I was paying for panic attacks and voices in my head buying drugs. I quit weed for about a year recieved medical atention and everything went better. I started smoke weed again and I found that every single time I smoke weed I get this light paranoid but now I’m aware that the problem is just in my mind in some cases with a couple of beers and smoking a minimun amount I can let the sh*t go away but sometimes I can’t. I read this article about many many people who has been trough the same experience and they can calm down the anxiaty with a little medical anti-anxiaty pills.

And you could say, well and why don’t you just cut the hemp? Why are you so afraid of reality that you have to smoke a joint to feel fine? Well let me tell you that I’m 25 years old now, I have a kid, a job and wife. And sometimes I can’t just let the bad thoughs of monotony, relationship problems that I have to anesthetize me and weed makes me happy, I inmedietly forget about work issues and I laugh with mi kid and wife and everything seems cool to me again, I know that it doesn’t fix my situation but It gives me strenght to continue the next day.

Thank you for reading me