I realized I was paranoid after a fair amount of drug experimtation. I had the most amazing experiences with drugs initially and would not put anyone off trying recreational drugs but I do recommend care and attention. I consider my experience quite profound and in retrospect, something that I can be proud of. I feel that I have overcome the majority of my paranoia and almost feel protective of the last vestiges of this horrible state of mind (I guess it will never really go away). As you will all be aware, it is about perception. I cannot give any advice regarding paranoia experienced without drug inducement, but I think I was probably susceptible to it, but would not have experienced it’s strength, without having had a period of brain abuse. Having said that, I still seek the occasional session which can be amazing or horrific and I seem to have no control over that. I have to stress that I have always avoided highly addictive drugs and have taken very little of the others recently. I have, however, come back from quite severe paranoia. It is hard to offer any real support as I do not really know how. The best I can offer is actually the truth. It’s OK.