I have always had the fear of being in crowds until recently i have developed more fears such as; checking under my bed, checking my closet door, making sure the bathroom door is locked at all times and the window in the bathroom is closed. I check myself out before i go to sleep or shower because i feel as though i will have a sudden change in me after something. I have issues with sleeping. I have to have two pillows, if one is missing i can’t sleep, i feel as though someone came and stole it. I also have the fear of changing sheets often ( i know it’s horrible but i try my best to change it every 2 weeks) because i feel as though when i put new ones on, my scent is not there anymore and i feel paranoid as if its not my sheets. I always have to have my phone next to me. I get panicky within crowds (especially very loud crowds such as; at a football match or protesting etc) But when i am around my own friends i feel fine until i daydream and i become insecure and start shaking as if everyone is talking about me. I can never sleep with my foot out because i feel like something will pull me. I also hate how mirrors get steamed up after a long hot shower. I’m so glad i came across this website. Thank you.