I found this website very interesting. Don’t know that I ever have read a similar one. I can relate to a lot of these people’s testimonies. My thoughts have been a constant uproar in my life. I believe mine could have been caused by a young life of drinking and being brought up in a slightly dysfunctional home and dysfunctional town. I believe dysfunction probably exist in many different settings and environments. I can take a simple situation or conversation and my mind will blow it completely out of proportion with paranoia or irrational thoughts to the degree that it affects my health in some ways. I become highly suspicious of people and think someone may have it in for me. Then after I have time to sit down and think about things most of it seems absurd. My mind seems to magnify a situation into something it’s not. 99.9% of my thoughts never materialize, it’s all within myself. I believe I was born with a heightened form of thinking or some sort of hypersensitive thinking. Anyway found this site fascinating. The good Lord helps me stay in check…..Smile. Take care.