This is to Anna in the uk, who has written an account.

I have the same thing, it started about 2 years ago after 2 night of drinks and drugs i was in a pub and tought a friend was after hurting me and he was going around the pub telling everyone to get me and it really messed with my head. I now have moved and its just as bad I feel that im living the Truman Show, everyone is setting me up for everyone to see, people are watching me, camaras in my house. 2 of my house have started walking late at night and I feel the go out to meet with the police and people to discuss what i have been doing. I wont go out to people house for food as i think they are putting stuff in it and they are trying to kill me off. I cant trust anyone!. I know its from that one night but its made me see thing that aint there (well in my head they are there)

Well thanks for reading and thanks for this website, I now know im not the only one with this horrible pain hope we all pull through it.