I’ve been largely paranoid for about 6-7 years now due to misuse and overuse of recreational drugs. it all started 6-7 years ago when I was 15 and started smokin ghanj. after about a year of smoking heavy, mainly having shottys, bongs and cloud 9’s all day long I took fet(amphetamines) for the first time. i’d never experienced a come down before and it scared me, I wanted to do myself in..i was afraid as i’ve ever been because of the huge wave of ideas and questions, answers, philosophies and doubts about myself all coming to me at the same time and that was the first time i’d ever experienced thoughts which I hadn’t created and weren’t my own. I don’t do any drugs anymore(besides huge quantities of alcohol, and smoking tobacco).since then, every time I smoked weed it was like fet had opened a gate or do