I’m constantly terrified of everything. My paranoia is actually getting better too. Several years ago I would sleep in the bathtub because it was the only room in the house with no window ( I was paranoid that I would be shot). Back then I would not leave the house during the daytime because I thought everyone was out to get me. At one time, every Sunday, I would nearly vomit from the stressful thoughts. I would spend my days believing that everyone is out to get me. I disconnected my phone and deleted my Facebook. Im not as paranoid now, but I do everything by the book, and I’m still paranoid that I am going to get arrested for something I didn’t do. It’s terrifying. I’m afraid of having meaningful conversations with anyone. I think all of my old friends are out to get me. I sleep with a cell phone because I’m scared someone will rob my house while I’m sleeping. I was even paranoid that this website was logging my IP. I found a therapist who has helped me work through a lot of issues, but sometimes it feels never ending. Also, my gf helps out by reminding me that the paranoia is far fetched.