I find i’m paranoid all the time, be it in work,or at home theres never a let up of negative thoughts even in my sleep – i have bad dreams. I have a lovely partner who would never do anything to hurt me but i’ve found myself doing unnecessary things to check that hes not cheating or lying to me.I find myself even more frustrated after I do these things as I know its not right. Another problem I have is that I regularly walk through shopping centres thinking that everyone that walks by is judging me and doesn’t like me, even though i know i’m just very insecure about myself and no one could care less how i look etc. …I feel like the rational side of my brain is constantly fighting negative thoughts and paranoia and its very hard to prevent as i’ve felt like this since i could first remember. I find I can cope most the time but sometimes i have anxiety attacks and I feel like i’m losing the plot totally. Just knowing that i’m not the only one who suffers with these thoughts is comforting as I felt very abnormal growing up with such unusual thoughts.