Since I was younger, say around 12 I’ve suffered from paranoia (I’m now 29). Walking out of a room and convinced everyone’s talking about you, judging you. I used to trip over my own feet walking down the street because I thought everybody was watching me from windows watching the way that I walked so I would really concentrate on my steps trying to walk normally which would end up in me tripping up. I watch people’s body movements constantly and listen to the way they speak. I think that I can recognise signs of lying and can’t focus on what people are saying if I’ve seen these signs. I watch TV but my mind wanders about corruption most of the time. I used to abuse drugs a lot in the past and drink lots of alcohol and I can truthfully say that since I stopped the paranoia has gone down a few levels. Oh it’s still there but just not so debilitating. I’ve had the countless checks over my car, I’ve even been too scared while driving to look in the rear view mirror because I knew I would ‘see’ the bloke who’s there ready to kill me. I wouldn’t sleep for hours and hours because I thought as soon as I closed my eyes there would be someone standing there when I opened them. Same as in mirrors.(is this from scary films though?)

Recently when my partner used to do his night shifts I was convinced that my son was a product from Aliens and that they would appear at any time to take him. I used to think he was communicating with them with his strange noises and I used to see flashing lights at night.