Paranoia is an ugly thing. Though it is rich with delusions and empty promises, you cannot see such things until you’re already enveloped in this — thing. As a paranoiac, I contradict myself by posting here. What will this accomplish? If anything, this will detriment my survival; the world is out to get me after all, why give it more information to satisfy their own sick curiosities? An experiment, am I? I may be one of the few paranoiacs who seek help, and I may be one of the few who fully understand what’s happening to me, but when you’ve been ripped in two, and your psyche so severely damaged, you can’t not help yourself. It’s so hard to go against primal instincts; your leg is broken? You’d fix it, wouldn’t you? Maybe we’re masochists, and a large part of us doesn’t want help lest it be false, but that doesn’t mean that a part of us deep down wants someone to reach out, to help. It’s madness, that is what it is. Our mind’s madness.

I strayed from my original point but — just stay strong, seek out help if you can. It’s never too late.