ok, firstly, i am paranoid in case someone sees my name and city so i have put anonymous and just my country. so, i am paranoid every minute of the day, its killing me. i have a problem were i think i am ugly and look odd to everyone, and when i am in the street, or in a public place were there is lots of people, i think there talking about me, laughing, and judging me. it feels so real, and i dont even know if i am PARANOID. i was once at a party with my family, but there was a group of males over the other side of the room i didnt know, and they were looking towards me and laughing and joking, and i was so anxious and just scared they were laughing at me, it got that bad, i had to leave the building and go home, and as i was going home, all the cars going by were also making me nervous, it felt like everyone was looking at me and following.i now dont leave me house because this is how it is when i go out all the time. even my family, i feel they talk about me when im out of the room, i dont know if this is because i am insecure and feel like i am ugly and fat myself, but just a little look from anyone, my thought is straight away, there thinking i am weird and ugly. im so lonely because of this!!! argh!