So many of these accounts sound like me. I’m convinced people don’t like me. My husband tells me people really enjoy my company, but I still feel like they are just lying to him. Every time I’m not invited to something that my friends are, I am convinced it’s because they don’t actually like me and left me out on purpose.

I’m also convinced that my coworkers actually hate me and that I’m going to get fired. Every little mistake leads to me searching the internet to learn of signs that I will get fired. My boss has been really busy and having her door closed to concentrate, so I’m convinced it’s because she doesn’t want me to know she is going to fire me.

I am constantly convinced my indoor only cats are going to get outside or that they are in the dryer or oven when they are on. They have never climbed into either. They have also never gone outside without my knowledge nor even tried to run out the front door for over a year. I even live on a private drive, but I’m convinced they will run outside and get run over.

I know these worries are unreasonable, but I’m more worried about not worrying and being surprised by them if they actually happened. That would feel worse than the worry itself! The problem is that I know that there is a chance these things could happen, no matter how small, and so I feel safer worrying about them than not.