Since I were 21, I am now 39 years old (for 19 years). Most of the time, I get these strong feelings and thoughts that I am being watched by people at work, all of my family and friends (Everyone, basically) and the police including the government! I have grown so used to it now that I don’t panic as I am so used to the thoughts! I hate it so much and it has consumed my whole life. I am not sure why they want to catch me doing something wrong.

I even get the thoughts that I am constantly being followed when I am driving by work, police or strangers and as I say that I am so used to these thoughts that I just accept it. I even look at my wife and I get so suspicious that they are all to set me up for something! It is a terrible way to live, I see a psychiatrist for anxiety and I have just started to tell him my thoughts (after 19 years, Lol) He put me on benzo’s for anxiety and has recently put me on another med for my thoughts. I know I am to live with these thoughts for the rest of my life and that is why I accept it.