I have trouble staying by myself at night. The fact that I have 2 daughters with me doesn’t make me feel any better about it. I only feel better when another adult is with me at night. I hear things bump outside, or feel someone is peeking in the window (blinds). I start imagining things that might harm me like ghosts or aliens, even though I don’t believe in either. I only have these thoughts when I am alone at night. I can’t even make myself go to sleep when I am alone. I am afraid I will wake up and someone will be standing over me trying to hurt me. Even when I dose off for a few minutes, I keep waking back up. I have to leave every light in the house on when I am alone and the TV must stay on to keep me from hearing any strange bumps. I have 3 dogs that stay inside with me at night who would attack anyone coming in the house, but I am still scared to death to be alone at night. I am just as afraid now as I was when I was a child. I have always imagined somebody (I don’t know who) trying to harm me at night.