Why is it I’m always worring somebody will break in and kill me or what if I die while I sleep or in a car wreck. Where will I go when I die, what if somebody breaks in and hurts or kills my kids or grandkids? I can feel myself going Thur these emotions as if it is happening and start crying. I try to change my thoughts but it always comes back. I have gotten to where when I get home I don’t even go out and my car sits till I have to go somewhere than I’m find my self going slower than the speed limit. I listen to the radio and or just start thinking crazy stuff and will start crying. I worry that my horses, dogs or cats will burn up if a fire starts in the barn or house and I can’t get to them. None if these worries I can prevent from happening if it does happen. I feel like I’m loosing my mind. My hubby tells me it’s as I’m expecting something bad to happen to either one of us and I worry to much.