yeah,I ‘ve been reading about other people’s experiences,and I can see myself ,I feel the same way,and always think that I’m being judged by others(co-workers,parents,friends…people)and they seem to be pretending,and they don’t like me, and they are always talking about me,that they are gonna do something bad to me, if somebody is on the phone talking quietly, the first thing in my head is it’s me being talked about.and I avoid social places,crowd,that’s my biggest fear,even now I ‘m thinking that all the posts(people’s experiences) are not true ,that they are written down just because to treat paranoid sick people like me,and I think I dont exist, and I keep thinking about that if I don’t get treated I’ll have dementia or loose my memory,I really need help,but do not know who to talk……. it is just ruining my life,and I’m only 21,it really is,I badly need help!