I enjoy reading these tips. I haven’t been able to find a local support group, so have decided to start one. I believe there is much to gain by meeting with locals going through similar issues and discussing what works. What works for some might also work for me, not to mention the continual support and encouragement we could offer one another. Also, changing thoughts while sitting on a therapist couch a few times a month discussing issues that arose in recent weeks and what I might do or think differently next time they arise doesn’t make as much of an impact as calling someone from a local group IN THE MOMENT I AM FEELING FEAR. There is something about talking to a friend who can actually relate to what I am going through that seems immensely powerful in the very moment I am struggling. Besides even if I could still afford the professional I was seeing, I would not be able to reach him every time a thought came up while in a fear cycle. I know much of what I need to do, but need weekly or daily (hourly sometimes) reminders & support. I used to belong to a running group; I realized that was the most consistent and frequent running schedule I had ever accomplished. I believe the same benefits could be found in local groups striving to overcome fear. Does anyone have experience starting a local paranoia group?